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Anicura Marina Baixa

Thanks to the implementation of the multiparametric harness as a work tool, now they can monitor cardiac patients by getting more real data and analyzing the variations of their constants on the platform. All this allows them to better optimize their time.

'The system is very comfortable for the animal, and it´s also very easy and intuitive to see the changes in the graphs'.

David Nieto Redondo - Veterinarian. Chief of cardiology and diagnostic imaging

Jennifer Ruiz Soria - Veterinary Assistant and Health Information Technologist.

The Dogtor Vet

They have been able to improve their hospitalization and patient control system thanks to Dinbeat UNO. In addition, they can now offer a differential service that their customers perceive and value.

'The owner looks at it very positively and feels more confident knowing that they are monitored in real time.'

Francisco Sánchez Castañeda - General Director

Barnabaires Veterinary Hospital

The use of Dinbeat UNO, has been a breakthrough in pain management for their patients. Thanks to this system, they can avoid constantly manipulating the animals to know the status of their vitals signs.

Antonio Salcedo Colmenares - Veterinarian Cardiologist and Clinic Manager

Margus Veterinary Clinic

Dinbeat UNO adapts to both dogs and cats, which has been the key in many cases when performing a pre-surgical study of the patients. Without this data it would have been impossible to perform the intervention successfully.

'The customer is impressed by the breakthrough. The data we can evaluate when patients go home at ease is more realistic. Everything that is a revolution for their pets is positively valued by the customer.'

Marta Gil Hernández -Veterinarian Clinic Manager

Sarón Veterinary Services

Real-time monitoring has enabled them to save the lives of some of their patients, as they can now act immediately in response to changes in their vital signs. 

'Thanks to Dinbeat UNO I have been able to leave a dog monitored, and when he had strange complexes in the EKG I have been able to treat him, which if it not treated immediately could have been fatal.'.

Yasmina Irfheid Barros - Clinic Manager

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